Nespresso Cubania Capsule-Limited Edition-50pcs

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Nespresso Cubania Capsule-Limited Edition-50pcs

DENSE TEXTURE, POWERFUL BOUQUET: Inspired by the passion and warmth of the Cuban way of life, Nespresso has created the Limited Edition Cubanía. A bold blend of Arabicas with a specially prepared Indian Robusta steam treated to obtain a dense texture and powerful bouquet with complex aromatics and inimitable strength of character, but without an overwhelming bitterness | Intensity: 13| Packing: 10pcs/box | Qty: 05 box


Roopali Shah- Oct 18, 2014 10:04:08 AM

I love the Nespresso range and cannot imagine starting my day without a cup of hot coffee from my Nespresso machine. The NESPRESSO CUBANIA CAPSULE-LIMITED EDITION are easy to use and the machine makes excellent tasting coffee every time. The coffee is rich, dark and compelling with every sip. With this coffee pod I enjoy the aroma more than the flavor. I will surely buy this variety of pod again...3 cheers to fabkaart...