Nespresso Coffee Pods Cosi 50 Pc

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Nespresso Coffee Pods Cosi 50 Pc
Light and Lemony: Pure, lightly roasted East African, Central and South American Arabicas make Cosi a light-bodied espresso with refreshing citrus notes. | Aromatic Profile: A citrus note with strong hints of lemon. This rare and refreshing character is supported by a light body. | Origin: A combination of the finest Arabicas from East Africa gives this blend a characteristic lemon note harmonised by the lightness and sweetness of Arabicas from Central and South America. | Roasting: A light roasting, perfectly executed by the Nespresso Master Roasters, enhances the fragile citrus note of Cosi. This Grand Cru provides an outstanding freshness and lightness. | Packing: 10 capsules/box | • Qty: 5 boxes only