Delonghi Nespresso Coffee Machines Natural Descaler

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Delonghi Nespresso Coffee Machines Natural Descaler

This highly effective and easy to use product provides perfect care for your machine and ensures optimal quality of your Bean 2 Cup or Espresso. It leaves no residue and after decalcification and rinsing, your machine is completely safe to use.

High Performance: Up to 3 times more effective and fast at dissolving limescale deposits compared to traditional descalers.

Natural: Uses only natural substances that are safe and non-aggressive when in contact with the machine parts.

Improve Efficiency: When used regularly, helps in avoiding malfunction and failures due to the build-up of limescale.

Suitable for all Delonghi Coffee Machines, Espresso Machines & Kettles.


2 x Bottles (100ml each)
Natural descaler for super-automatic coffee machines (EN, EC, ECAM - ESAM Series)
Maintains the coffee taste over time and extends the machine life
Antimicrobial sanitising action ensures the hygiene of internal components
Made with totally bio-degradable substances
Non-corrosive, non-aggressive and has no environmental impact

Delivery: 15-20 business days