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Ascaso Factory has built a reputation based on quality, customer service and innovation. Founder Jesús Ascaso discovered his passion for coffee in the 1950s as a factory worker fabricating espresso parts for companies. With a head full of ideas and a commitment to integrity and quality, Jesús founded Ascaso Factory SA in Barcelona, Spain in 1962. It began as an espresso machine spare parts supplier but quickly grew into a worldwide brand, as Ascaso supplies espresso parts to more than 50 countries. Jesús’ son, José Luis Ascaso, has taken over the reigns in the past 10 years with world-class leadership. He created an espresso machine factory and has been outsmarting the Italian espresso manufacturers ever since.

Being official & exclusive partner of Ascaso brand for India, De Brewerz offers all the range of Ascaso Products to the Indian Market. In next 6 years down the line De Brewerz want to replace all other coffee makers with Ascaso brands in every home, every kitchen, every restaurant, every cafes..

  Ascaso Steel Bar Capsule 2 GR The Solution That Adapts To All The Needs Of The Espresso Market. For Moderate Coffee Consumption. Friendly Machine: Food Safe, Energy Efficient, Reliability And Ergonom

Technical: • Water Tank 10 Litres • Weight 33 Kg • Power 3200 W • Pump Pressure 20 (atm) • Coffee Thermostats 100 º • Safety Thermostat • Brass Filter Holder 58 mm • Coffee Tamper (Rem. Arm) / Spoon (7GR) • Material:Inox Steel