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Twice the performance for perfect coffee and milk foam

The GIGA X7 Professional redefines the pleasure of coffee. With the combined power of two grinders, two heating systems, two pumps and two fluid systems, coupled with user-friendliness and superior quality, the GIGA X7 Professional prepares delicious ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, café crème, caffè latte and latte macchiato – two at a time.

The ingenious, intuitive and simple control concept includes a ball bearing-mounted Rotary Switch and TFT display for maximum speed and efficiency. 28 specialities and another 12 programmable barista recipes can be individually programmed.

₹ 850,000.00 ₹ 819,780.00

The flexible barista speciality coffee professional

With the power of 3 thermoblocks und 3 pumps, the machine prepares the full range of speciality coffees at the touch of a button.

In professional catering, speed matters – and multiple heating and fluid systems deliver higher hot water output, up to 30 litres an hour. A large water tank and coffee grounds container allow for flexible and mobile use of the GIGA X9 Professiona

₹ 985,000.00 ₹ 957,780.00

Turn, press, enjoy – that’s how easy it is to enter the world of IMPRESSA! With the one-switch operating concept of the Rotary Switch and the 11-language plain text display, it’s easy to create the perfect coffee every time. Thanks to the high-performance conical grinder, the beans are always freshly ground.

The simple, compact design with its elegant combination of matt and gloss black gives the IMPRESSA C50 an imposing yet understated look in any surroundings. 

  • One-switch operating concept and a plain text display for a simple operation
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout (65 – 111 mm)
  • Fine foam frother delivers milk foam for trend specialities
  • High-quality materials and uncompromising workmanship make for a compact elegance

₹ 165,000.00 ₹ 147,780.00

With an exceptionally compact design and user-friendly front-panel controls, this automatic coffee-and-espresso center creates cafe-quality coffee drinks without ever having to move the cup. Simply push a preprogrammed beverage button for one or two coffees, one or two espressos, cappuccino, milk, or hot water. The countertop appliance comes equipped with an insulated 14-ounce thermal stainless-steel milk container, which stays right next to the machine and keeps cold milk cold for up to eight hours. The machine will steam and froth the milk; grind, tamp, and high-pressure brew coffee or espresso; then dispense automatically into the cup. Its commercial-grade conical burr grinder offers six fineness settings for any type of bean–from light to dark roasts, while a separate funnel for pre-ground coffee allows for making no-hassle decaf or flavored coffee drinks. The unit features an 18-bar power pump with a 1450-watt stainless-steel-lined ThermoBlock heating system, and its two-step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions ground coffee for maximum flavor extraction with perfect crema topping.

For added convenience, the appliance offers easy-to-use programming functions. Choose from two temperature settings, three strength levels, and volume–one or two cups at a time, from 1 to a full 16 ounces. Turn the rotary dial to make changes during brewing without changing the programmed setting. Plus, the steam output can be set to a certain time for filling cup after cup with the exact same amount of hot steamed or frothed milk, which means no more wasted milk. Even more, selecting from “continuous-on” or “auto-off” from one half-hour to nine hours in one-hour increments makes it possible for the unit to turn on at the programmed time and ensures it stays on for as long as it’s needed. A bright 10-digit LED display dialog system gives short, simple instructions like “ready”, “heating”, “fill water”, and “clean unit”.

Fulfilling the coffee lover’s dream of cappuccino or latte on demand, the Impressa C9 One Touch from Jura-Capresso creates authentic cappuccinos or lattes at the touch of one button, without moving the cup. This is the one of the most compact one-touch automatic coffee center on the market, with advanced features in a space-saving design.

One touch of a button is all it takes to produce cafe-quality crema coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or latte for a true bean-to-cup experience. In less than 60 seconds, the machine automatically froths or steams milk, grinds, tamps, brews, and self cleans, making it as easy to brew your favorite beverages at home as buying them at the coffee shop. It can also dispense hot water for tea or froth chocolate milk for foamy hot chocolate.

₹ 270,000.00 ₹ 258,780.00

IMPRESSA F50 Classic – if this successful classic amongst JURA automatic specialty coffee machines was good before, it’s now even better.

Thanks to four programmable preparation buttons and improved user guidance with the Rotary Switch, it has never been easier to create the perfect coffee. Decide how you want your coffee and fall under the spell of the amber cup illumination during its preparation.

Jura meets the demand for a back-to-basics automatic coffee center with the Jura Impressa F50 Classic. From crema coffee and classic espresso to cappuccino and latte macchiato, the Impressa F50 Classic produces a true bean-to-cup experience while offering the ultimate ease-of-use. Featuring an intuitive rotary selector and plain text display, the Impressa F50 Classic lets users brew perfect coffee beverages just the way they like them. Two programmable aroma levels, each with three coffee strengths, provide a variety of options to brew coffee to personal tastes. This automatic coffee Center grinds, tamps, brews, and self-cleans in less than one minute. Choose one or two cups by pressing one of two preparation buttons and the conical steel burr grinds kicks into action, freshly grinding whole coffee beans to the desired consistency. 15 bars of pressure push water through the professional-grade thermoblock system, creating the ideal environment for extracting a perfect coffee beverage. Integrated Clearyl Blue filter cartridge removes impurities from water and eliminates the need for decalcifying. Impressa F50 Classic features a removable 64-ounce water container, 8-ounce bean hopper and height adjustable coffee spout to accommodate larger cups. It is equipped with a milk frother for frothing or steaming milk and it also produces hot water for tea and more.

₹ 145,000.00 ₹ 133,780.00


Twice the performance for perfect coffee and milk foam

The ...

₹ 819,780.00 ₹ 850,000.00

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The flexible barista speciality coffee professional

₹ 957,780.00 ₹ 985,000.00

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Turn, press, enjoy – that’...

₹ 147,780.00 ₹ 165,000.00

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With an exceptionally compact design and user-friendly front-panel controls, this automatic coffee-and-es...

₹ 258,780.00 ₹ 270,000.00

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IMPRESSA F50 Classic – if this successful classic amongst JURA au...

₹ 133,780.00 ₹ 145,000.00

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